Hailing from Boston, MA, Reddy Teddy, according to Playboy Magazine's April 1977 article on Best Local Bands (major cities across the U.S.) - "Reddy Teddy is the most impressive Boston band, and as it's recent local-label album suggests, possibly the most exciting new American band, period.  Fascinating lyrics and irresitable chord riffs make Reddy Teddy a band to watch, both from afar and when you're in Boston."


Lead Vocals/ John Morse, Bass & Vocals/Scott Baerenwald
Drums & B. Vocals/Joe Marino, Guitar & B. Vocals/Ted von Rosenvinge
Lead Guitar & B. Vocals/Jeff Lock

Absent Friends:  Reddy Teddy's Matthew Mackenzie (Guitars, vocals) and Reddy Teddy's Doug Orilio (drums)